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Examples of Great Content Marketing

The best content is authentic. We gravitate to it. It moves us. And in some cases, it stays with us for days, weeks and even a lifetime. Lately, I've been blown away by the content that Will Smith has been publishing on Facebook and Instagram. He's a great example of someone who is transforming his brand - from epic blockbuster leading actor (that we only see twice a year in a big budget, not very authentic way) to someone you can get to know and who shares wisdom and value with his followers and anyone with a mobile device.

Companies that have traditionally relied on brand equity, Superbowl ads, Television commercials are in a very similar place. They are the "A List" actors in their domain, why put yourself out there? Why change the way you've always done things?

Will realized that if he doesn't transform his brand and become more accessible, more authentic, then the days of $20 Million dollar films would be a thing of the past. Today's consumer will forget you if they don't hear from you on a consistent basis and the only way to stay top-of-mind is through relevant and engaging storytelling. This is where the Fresh Prince delivers. Here are a few examples of recent content he's put out that has not only gone viral, but made him relevant to a much younger audience while also reminding his fans why the love him.

Will Smith Hilariously Recounts Meeting His Idol Michael Jackson

Will Tries Online Dating (and pokes fun at himself)

We can all take a page out of Will's playbook and find new ways to capture the attention of the audiences we are trying to reach.

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