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Virtual Gala Feature Video
EvergreenHealth's COVID-19 Response
$1.26 Million Raised
Live Event Recap Video
Denali Dash Benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital 
$100,000 Raised
Documentary Featurette Video
"Ease My Way" Providence Gala
$2.2 Million Raised
Live Event Recap Video
LinkedIn Local Seattle
Social Media Content
Kid Destroys Home with Real Lightsaber
Animated Feature Video
Denali Distributed Workforce
Rapid Campaign Execution During Pandemic
Virtual Luncheon Keynote Video
Girlscouts of Western Washington CEO Megan Ferland 
$160,000 Raised
Corporate Vision Video
Denali - Who We Are
Documentary Featurette Video
"Pauline's Story" Providence Luncheon
$220,000 Raised
Event Promotion
Denali Dash 2018

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