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Events will never be the same, it's time to transform and redefine your event strategy. The Coronavirus has highlighted the need for every organization to have a virtual event strategy powered by video production and storytelling. Envijo is here to help. 

Although change is difficult, there are many benefits to shifting your physical event to a virtual format that leverages video and content marketing including:

  • Reaching a Larger Audience

  • Social Engagement

  • Evergreen & On-Demand Content 

  • Reporting & Performance Metrics

Envjio's Content & Video Production Raises Millions During Pandemic

Envijo's innovative approach to pre-recorded virtual programming helped non-profit organizations raise more than $4.5 Million since March of 2020. Envjio produced record-breaking virtual events for the Providence O'Christmas Trees 2020 Gala and The 2021 Evergreen Virtual Gala. Envijo's industry-leading video production services were nominated for an Emmy in April of 2021. Check out the videos below to see our award-winning work!




Virtual Employee Meetings, Communications & Trainings 

Envijo is currently helping several organizations manage their weekly and monthly company updates, all hands meetings, trainings and other team-building and inspiring video communications virtually. It's essential to stay in front of your employees to not only communicate effectively but to also instill a company culture when you're trying to stay connected with your remote workforce. Contact us for a strategy discussion where we can share examples of how we can build an end-to-end internal virtual communication strategy that propels your company forward.  

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Virtual & Hybrid Strategy & Consulting
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Virtual Content Development & Execution
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Virtual Fundraising & Events
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Virtual Communications & Trainings
Virtual Meeting Training & Guidelines
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