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Forbes, Content Marketing & Professor Envijo

When you love creating and consuming content you're always setting goals and aspiring to reach greater heights. Whether it's an inspirational podcast, a well written blog post or a Netflix series, content has a way of drawing you in and if done correctly inspiring you to make your dreams a reality.

I've always loved the content in Forbes magazine. I hold their contributors and their subjects in high regards and set a goal early on in my career that I would one day contribute to the publication in a meaningful way. Before you can start adding value to a titan of industry like Forbes, you need to accumulate the experience and expertise needed to join this distinctive fraternity. It took some time. A lot of wins and many more lessons (never call them losses) along the way, but through perseverance I found my way.

I'm proud to say that I'm now a published Forbes author and an official member of the Forbes Communications Council. Over the past few months I've been contributing articles on the topics of content marketing, branding and social selling.

Our team at Envijo noticed a change in my demeanor, a "jeni se qua" if you will that was hard to put into words. Our Creative Wizard and Co-Founder Shawn Sergev then had an epiphany... I had an alter-ego... and his name was... Professor Envijo. Blurring the lines of confidence and arrogance, the Professor used his new found success to make sure he preached the lessons of Content Marketing to anyone who will listen.

And if they didn't listen, he asked them to continue with their hug and chug and event-marketing strategies and be relegated to obscurity.

As storytellers, we love taking a creative approach to highlighting the value of content marketing and Professor Envijo is just one example of how we are leveraging humor to capture the attention of our audience.

Professor Envijo will be making appearances on our blog and through out our social media channels. Make sure you say hello, but whatever you do, don't stare into his bifocals too long.

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